Friday, July 16, 2010

More Pool Time

Here are a few pics our neighbors took a few weeks ago when we were outside for some pool time. Max and Tessa love their pool time! In fact, we are planning a fun filled baby pool themed bday for them next month!


We recently spent the weekend at Oglebay Resort in West Virginia with my family to celebrate my Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary. It was such a fun weekend. The guys played golf while all the kids went to the on-site zoo. We had good food and lots of laughs and shared lots of memories with my grandparents. Here are a few pics of the weekend. We wish we could get together with everyone more often. Thanks for a great weekend Granny and Granddaddy!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Patient

Tessa had to make a visit to Children's Hospital last week for a corrective surgery. We have known about a few kidney issues Tessa has had since before she was born and up until now they had just required monitoring. A few weeks ago after her most recent check-up, her urologist said they thought she would need surgery to fix an enlarged ureter (tube connecting kidney to bladder). Tessa spent the night at the hospital and we've had her home recovering for the past week. The surgery went very well and we are not anticipating any further procedures. The recovery was a little more involved than we anticipated and her little body did not like the pain meds prescribed, but she's doing much better every day. We have a check-up this afternoon and she should finally be able to have the two catheter tubes/bags she has had all week taken out. That will make life for her a whole lot easier. Have you tried to keep a 10 month old still for a week?

We are so very very lucky that my Mom and Dad were able to come for the week to help out as Duke had a pretty busy work week. Grandma Sassy went over and above helping us out and we couldn't have made it through the week without her. Can't thank you enough Mom!

The picture above was while she was getting admitted and prepped for surgery. As you can see she was the cutest patient on the floor that day and was a hit with the nurses! She has done MUCH better than her mommy all week!

Tessa should be able to be up moving around by tonight and will be completely back to herself before we know it! Thank you to all of you who passed along your thoughts and prayers. We very much appreciate them!