Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Pics

Here are some new pics of M & T. Both are now officially walking and gaining speed by the day! It hit me yesterday that they are not babies anymore when Tessa walked from the living room into the kitchen looked at me and pointed to her bottle on the counter and said "ba ba." And, when I say it's nap time, they both get up and walk to their room. I swear that it was last week when we were swaddling, burping and feeding someone at 3 am.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Da Bears

Max got to wear his first Bears shirt today and see their first win of the season. Go Bears! We're teaching them to put their arms up for the touchdowns. Max loves to do this so much, he wiggles his fingers back and forth when his arms are in the air. Spirit fingers! It's pretty funny to watch. And, since we couldn't find a Bears shirt small enough for Tessa, here's a pic of her just lookin cute:) I'm also on the look out for some Stillers shirts for them.

And We're Walking...

M & T have been walking for a bit and they are getting more adventurous every day. These videos were taken a week or two ago and now they are taking off without any prompting from us. No running yet which is fine with us! I see lots of tears and boo boos in our near future. And, they're getting so big! We just had their one year check-up and Max is 24 lbs and Tessa is 19 lbs. Tessa is a little better with her words than Max and she started to repeat her name. It's sounds like teta, but still pretty fun to hear. Max is better at getting into EVERY cabinet and drawer than Tessa. They love looking at pictures of babies or their cousins over the web cam and the love dancing to music.

Please forgive me for my annoying mommy voice in the video!!