Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful trip to Pittsburgh for Easter with lots of activities. One of the big reasons we went to Pittsburgh this past weekend was to surprise my dad with an early 60th birthday celebration since we can't go for his actual birthday in May. He had no idea we were coming and we had a nice little surprise dinner at my brother's Friday night. Tessa got to sit front and center on Papa Mow Mow's lap for all the gifts! It was a very special night. Happy Birthday Papa Mow Mow! We love you!

We also took a trip to Reilly's Summer Seat Farm near my parent's place to meet the Easter Bunny. We took a hay ride to the Easter Egg Hunt, visited some cows, sheep and ducks and sat right next to the Easter Bunny! Duke and I were very surprised that neither Max nor Tessa were afraid of the Easter Bunny or the animals. Max really wanted to hold the Easter Bunny's hand and they both wanted to get real up close and personal with the cow. Max started to cry when he walked away! It was pretty cute to see how much they loved the farm.

Even more surprising was how good Max and Tessa were in church on Sunday. They were prefect little angels for the entire hour. It was a nice service and we were able to watch my mom sing in the Choir. Max and Tessa just played with some toys and read books without making a peep. I wish they would have been as cooperative when it was picture time. They looked so cute all dressed up and no matter what I did, they would not sit for a good picture.

Max and Tessa also had a blast playing outside at Sassy and Papa Mow's house. They saw lots of birds, chipmunks and bugs and they were in heaven! They can't wait to go back to Camp Mowrey! We can't either!

Oh...and the drive! It was 8 hours both ways and the kids did AWESOME! I really hope it wasn't a fluke. Can they please be that good for our next drive to Pittsburgh in July? Please?

Nice to Meet You Quinn & Adalyn

While we were in Pittsburgh for Easter, we finally able to meet Quinn & Adalyn Singer and they are PRECIOUS! They are such sweet babies and their Mommy is a natural! I wish we could have visited longer, but now that Keely and Spence moved to Pittsburgh, I see many more visits in our future. I can't wait for the next one!!

Happy Birthday Ainsley & Emery!

A few weeks ago we headed out to Glen Ellyn for Ainsley & Emery Beaumont's 1st Birthday party. It was a barnyard birthday bash and we had a blast!! The girls were adorable in their pink cowboy boots. I'm still mad I didn't get a pic of the boots! Jenny and John did a fabulous job with the birthday party and we were so glad we could be there. Max and Tessa had so much fun. They even received balloons as a party favor which resulted in days of fun for them!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We finally had a beautiful Spring day. It was actually more like Summer today with temps around 80 degrees. We headed out first thing this morning for a trip to the park in our new double seater wagon! The kids have been having plenty of fun waiting for the nice weather day though. Here are some pics of them at our local indoor kids play area and the Chicago Children's Museum. The big hits at the Children's Museum were the water play areas for Tessa and the city bus and fire truck for Max.